Pakistan to become a highly employed, fully literate, reasonably educated and healthy, culturally sophisticated and an internationally connected society with thriving commerce, industry and agriculture, significant foreign investments, world class infrastructure and a smart, small and efficient government.


We seek to provide free health facilities to Pakistanis at all government hospitals, BHUs and RHCs. Special incentives to health providers, provision of state of the art health facilities and drastic reduction in maternal and infant mortality rates will be our top priorities.


We will endeavor to exploit all available means of power generation and minimize reliance on imported fuel. A policy of harnessing renewable energy sources including wind and sunlight will be aggressively pursued. New hydro power generation projects will be launched including the construction of Kalabagh Dam.


We believe that a strong defense is imperative to guard the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The PML shares the entire nation’s pride in the professionalism of its Armed Forces. The PML supports modern and well equipped Armed Forces.


We believe in a smart, small and efficient government. Good governance means good politics. We believe in accessibility and transparency of the government. Minimizing cumbersome government procedures and maximizing public facilitations will be our top priority. Devolution of power is our policy cornerstone.


Combating the food security threat, increasing farmers' profitability, providing access to affordable credit, emphasizing high yield potential, modernizing the irrigation system, reducing power tariff and inputs cost, ensuring non-stop power supply, engaging in research and "Catch-up Competitiveness".


We will seek to ensure free and universal primary education and a unanimous curriculum. Physical education, arts, music, skills and languages with emphasis on Urdu, English and Mathematics shall be taught in all schools. Higher education, vocational education and female literacy will be given top priority.


We will promote the self-reliance principle for poor, hardworking, skilled people who do not have funds for setting up small, home-based businesses. Also opportunities for employment of youth will be provided both at home and abroad. Brining un-employment rate into single digits will be our top priority.

Non Muslim Pakistanis

The constitutional, religious, legal and social rights of non Muslim Pakistanis will be fully protected. The non Muslim Pakistanis will be given their rightful share in allocation of resources and employment opportunities. Representation of non Muslim Pakistanis in all tiers of government will be ensured.


We are against terrorism, extremism and violence in all forms and manifestations. We feel that terrorism has no religion and is an enemy of the entire human race. We have to shun sectarianism, eradicate extremism and rise above religious differences.


100 million Pakistanis are less than 25 years of age making them two-third of the country’s population. We will empower the youth by improving their education and employment opportunities and by giving them a greater right in the decision making process. Ban on students unions will be lifted.

Law & Order

National security can no longer be defined purely in terms of military prowess alone. In today’s world, national security should be redefined also by civilian components like the Constitution, respect for the rule of law and human rights.