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No medicines, no equipments in hospitals, all resources being used for protecting their rule

Donation of costly RO Plant for Ch Zahoor Elahi Block of Aziz Bhatti Hospital, talk after enthusiastic reception in hospital


Lahore (Nov 29, 2014) Pakistan Muslim League (PML) senior leader and Parliamentary Leader in the Punjab Assembly Moonis Elahi has said that the rulers had no concern for the problems of the people, they have got billions of rupees only for dumping in jangla bus but not for repairing dialysis machines and for providing health facilities to the people, there were neither medicines nor equipment in the hospitals, they had reserved all resources for protecting their rule which alone was very dear to them.

Photo Moonis Elahi 01 {Nov29-14} - Copy

He said this while donating costly RO Plant for the Trust Office in the Ch Zahoor Elahi Block in the Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Hospital in Gujrat today.

Moonis Elahi said that the rulers were undertaking foreign tours also only for their own interest, if these were for the nation then the energy crisis would have been ended by now, earlier it was only electricity crisis and the rulers on coming into power had also given the gift of gas crisis but the charisma of falsehood was about to end now.

He said further that serving the people was our family tradition, we would Insha-Allah continue providing all possible resources for welfare projects. He said the rulers would not do anything for the welfare of the people nor the well-being of the patients and we would also continue to come out for help and assistance for such projects in future as well.

On being out by Medical Superintendent of Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Hospital Dr Mian Wajid Hussain, Moonis Elahi also announced that both out of order dialysis machines would be got repaired.

Earlier on arrival at the hospital, Muslim League workers accorded warm and enthusiastic welcome to Moonis Elahi and also presented bouquets to him.

On this occasion, DMS Dr Safdar Malik, Dr Abbas Tahir Gondal and Dr Abid Malik were also present.



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